One-to-many optical information encryption transmission method based on temporal ghost imaging and code division multiple access

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【摘要】:A method is presented for one-to-many information encryption transmission by using temporal ghost imaging and code division multiple access. In the encryption transmission process, code division multiple access technologies combine multiple information sources, and the chip sequence corresponding to each set of information is used as the first key. The transmission end loads the transmission information onto a series of temporal random patterns of temporal ghost imaging and transmits it to the receivers. A series of temporal random patterns is the second key. During the decryption, each receiver can get the same encrypted information and use the second key to obtain the transmitted information. Finally, each receiver uses the unique chip sequence to get corresponding information. This encryption transmission method realizes one-to-many information encryption transmission at the same time over the same channel. Double encryption ensures the security of information. Simulation and experiment results verify the effectiveness and security of the method. The method has strong antinoise ability and can effectively resist various attack modes. At the same time, this method solves the problem that the use of code division multiple access enlarges the signal bandwidth, and ensures that no cross talk occurs between various sources of information.